The James O’Fallon Home

The James O’Fallon home stands as a testament to the past, and a glimpse into the shapers of our community – both historic and present. 

This massive, 13-room home was built by James O’Fallon, brother to the famous Col. John O’ Fallon, in 1860. Of course, we fell in love with the charming, antique architecture immediately, and can understand why families such as the O’Fallons and Marriotts also made this their home.  Naturally, a 160-year-old home is going to experience some aging. Our affinity for this home is why we’ve put extra care into its quality restoration.  

Rebecca and I purchased this home knowing the rich legacy it has for our community.  The historical significance was something we wanted to preserve, while also striving to provide some much needed maintenance to extend the life of our new home for generations to come.  My experience has provided the necessary skills to restore such an amazing piece of history the proper way. What are we doing, you ask?

  • We’re performing long-overdue maintenance to the exterior and interior of the home, while avoiding overhauls to the original architecture.
  • We recently completed the tuckpointing and painting on the entire home exterior.
  • We’ve added a retaining wall, made of all natural stone,  and circular driveway to the front of the home.
  • We’ve renovated and reinforced the entire flooring, using reclaimed, local wood.
  • We’ve also completely resurfaced all plaster walls

I love the history of this home, and our goal has always been to preserve the memories and craftsmanship for future generations.  Afterall, this house isn’t just a building, but a staple of the community and an example of its historic importance.