The James O’Fallon Home

The James O’Fallon Home, located in what is now the Parkton subdivision in Barnhart, was built in 1860 by James O’Fallon.

James O’Fallon being a brother of the famous Col. John O’Fallon. James and John O’Fallon were sons of Dr. O’Fallon who came from Ireland to America and served as a Surgeon General with General Washington’s Revolutionary Army. The O’Fallon’s traced their lineage in Ireland back to 1014. His wife was a sister of Governor William Clark of Missouri and was of English parentage.

While James did not leave much history about himself, his brother, John, made a name for himself in Jefferson County. At one time, John was the largest taxpayer of Jefferson County, owning 20,000 acres in 1875. 3000 acres were known as Indian retreat near Sulphur Springs where he made his home and we believe that he also resided in the house at The Cedars, the place now used as a post office for Liguori, near Barnhart. O’Fallon Park in St. Louis is named for John O’Fallon. “O’Fallon Bluff” on Platte River was also named for him. He was a personal friend of General Jackson.

The “James O’Fallon Home” was built in 1860 and still stands on Marriott Lane. The house is a two-story, thirteen room brick structure with numerous gables and four dormer windows. It was purchased in 1884 by Joseph G. Marriott, and after that date was known as the Marriott Homestead. Mr. Marriott owned 632 acres of land on this site and as a cattle raiser is remembered for introducing the first Holstein cattle in Jefferson County.