Going Green with Your St. Louis Bathroom Remodel

Going green with a St. Louis bathroom remodelingproject is a major consideration today for many homeowners.  A green bathroom remodel is good for the environment, but it is also good for you because it will save you money on utility bills for years to come.  It also might qualify for some rebates and tax credits.


Save Money on Your St. Louis Kitchen Remodel with Smart Planning

You can save money on your St. Louis kitchen remodel with smart planning and these ten steps. Kitchen remodeling is complicated. There are so many materials, fixtures and appliances to think about and purchase; and most of those choices involve a large number of options.  This makes smart planning the key to saving money


Estimating Custom Home Building Costs in St. Louis

Estimating custom home building costs is generally a challenging process.  Many different factors have to be taken into consideration when trying to determine what the final costs are going to be for St. Louis custom homes.  Often times, even the best estimates wind up being a bit short of the mark by the time a


How to Choose a St. Louis Remodeling Contractor

Finding a St. Louis remodeling contractor is something every homeowner should consider when they are thinking about changing certain parts of their house. Although there are those who say they can do it themselves, the fact is that there are so many factors to consider during the remodeling process. An inexperienced individual might find themselves not only


Six St. Louis New Construction Costs Easily Overlooked

Most remodeling cost calculators do a good job of helping you identify and estimate the main remodeling or home additions costs.  These include preparation, planning and design costs, costs of materials, labor costs and project management costs.  Most homeowners are also able to look around the room to be remodeled and come up with

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