You can save money on your St. Louis kitchen remodel with smart planning and these ten steps. Kitchen remodeling is complicated. There are so many materials, fixtures and appliances to think about and purchase; and most of those choices involve a large number of options.  This makes smart planning the key to saving money on your kitchen remodel.  If the planning is done carefully you won’t waste money unnecessarily and you will be able to make smart purchasing decisions.  Whether it is because you decide to do some of the work yourself or it is because you learn to get good buys, make a plan and stick to it, or you just think through everything very carefully, you can save money on your St. Louis kitchen remodel with smart planning like this.

  1. Investigate the area very carefully and evaluate the current space. Know what works and what doesn’t work and why. Think about how the existing space could be used more efficiently. Make lists of things that could be changed easily to make the kitchen more convenient through remodeling.
  2. Inspect the area carefully. You might want to get a professional to inspect for mold and mildew, evidence of leaks or damage from leaks, adequate ventilation, plumbing and electrical up to current code, sink, lighting fixtures, safety issues, accessibility, little details like enough electrical outlets.
  3. Make a list of changes and repairs needed to remodel your kitchen. Then prioritize the list. Starting with a cost estimate of what must be done will help you get a good handle on your remodeling costs.  Giving this information to your architect or designer and your St. Louis remodeling contractor will also help you reduce remodeling costs because these needs can be anticipated and planned for in the job.
  4. Get a reliable rough estimate of the cost to remodel your kitchen. A good way to do this is to use an online remodeling cost calculator.  The remodeling cost calculator will give you a good rough estimate for the project you are planning.
  5. Develop your kitchen remodeling budget.  Use the rough estimate as a basis for your final budget. It will start you off with the types of costs you will need to budget.  Then comparison shop for each item, material or appliance you will need.  Build a budget based on the costs you have gathered in shopping. This, plus contractor estimates, will help you develop your kitchen remodeling budget.  Remember, your kitchen remodeling budget is not complete until you add in the labor and project management costs.
  6. Decide whether you will do the work in your kitchen remodel.  Keep in mind that there are many kinds of special skills needed for a kitchen remodel.  Again, make a list of the kinds of work needed and decide what, if any, of the work you will do.  Then remove labor costs for those parts of your kitchen remodel from your cost estimate calculations.
  7. Find and interview contractors for your kitchen remodel.  Be sure to interview at least five contractors and carefully compare their estimates.  Get a breakdown of materials costs and labor costs.  If you have already calculated all materials costs, you only need to add labor costs to your remodeling cost calculations.
  8. Determine the design for your kitchen remodel.  You might decide to do this yourself. Or you might hire a professional.  Remember, however, that the design and style you work out could make a big change in the estimated cost.  A design that does not move plumbing or major electrical connections and gas lines will help you save on the cost of your kitchen remodel.
  9. Make final decisions on the cabinets, fixtures, accessories, materials and finishes for your kitchen remodel.  If you shopped thoroughly when getting the prices as a basis for your remodeling cost estimate, you should be able to simply adjust your original budget to reflect the exact prices of the items you are choosing.  This is another way you can save on your kitchen remodel with smart planning.
  10. Make sure you have a strong contract with the St. Louis remodeling contractor you choose for the job. If you are managing the project yourself, get strong contracts with all of the subcontractors you will hire for your remodeling project.  Check out the subcontractors as thoroughly as you would a general contractor.

These ten steps should set you off on the right foot in planning and completing a St. Louis kitchen remodeling project.  Paying attention to these early stages of the remodeling process will help you manage and reduce your remodeling cost. These ten steps will prove that you can save on your kitchen remodel with smart planning.