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Waterproof Your St. Louis Basement

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If your home has a basement, then you should know how important basement waterproofing is in St. Louis. Basements are extremely susceptible to flooding, especially when snow melts around your house. There are internal worries, too– a burst pipe can flood out a basement in no time. The following are some St. Louis basement waterproofing methods that will keep your basement snug, dry and off your mind.

If you notice a leak, the first thing to do is to determine the source. Internal and external leaks have different solutions. Some of the solutions may overlap, but here we will focus on internal sealants, external waterproofing and interior drainage.

Sealants aren’t really basement waterproofing materials, but they can help keep moisture levels down. They can help prevent moisture from being sucked into the walls and floors of your basement or from spilling into other areas of your house. This is a good temporary hold while you plan your next course of actual waterproofing.

Interior water drainage helps out much like an interior sealant. The drainage helps to remove water that has already made its way into your St. Louis basement rather than preventing its encroachment. Drains installed in your basement floor can help move water away from your walls and home foundation. You can also try using a sump pump, although it may quit working in a power outage.

Finally, the best waterproofing  method–  St. Louis exterior waterproofing. Polymers and membranes are used to waterproof walls and keep water out from the get-go. They help prevent damage to your home’s foundation and walls, which will save you much money in the long run. Without water in your basement and walls, mold and mildew will have a hard time growing. This keeps your basement and your health safe.

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