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Customizing Your New Kitchen Cabinets

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Customizing Kitchen CabinetsWhen you’re updating the kitchen cabinets in your Saint Louis home, you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of styles for the doors and drawers. Whichever stain, paint, and wood you choose, cabinetry can be manufactured in a wide variety of door and drawer styles.


Types of Wood

  • Oak is a strong, durable wood.
  • Birch is notable for its high shock resistance, which lends it some extra durability.
  • Maple is light in color, with a smooth, uniform appearance that takes well to a variety of stains.
  • Hickory is one of the strongest hardwoods available, with natural streaks and a broad range of natural colors.
  • Pine often has a knotty appearance with a rustic visual appeal.
  • Cherry is dark and reddish in color, taking on a distinctive patina as it ages.


Kitchen Cabinet Opening Mechanism

  • Track doors slide to the sides on a ball-bearing track, rather than swinging open.
  • Pocket doors disappear into a built-in “pocket” when open, keeping the doors  out of your way and reducing visual clutter.
  • Flip-up doors open upwards instead of out.
  • Sliding doors slide over to the left or right.
  • Tambour doors roll up, much like a typical garage door.


Kitchen Cabinet Design Styles

  • Shaker-style kitchen cabinet doors use a flat-panel style with clean, simple lines and a single center door panel.
  • Louvered cabinet doors have horizontal wood slats, adding a distinctive visual element and providing some extra ventilation.
  • Inset cabinet doors are nested inside the door frame, often with exposed hinges and hardware.
  • Beadboard paneling for cabinet doors has vertical panels in the inset panel, mimicking the look of traditional beadboard construction.


Kitchen Cabinet Finishes

When you’ve selected cabinets with doors and opening mechanisms that you find both practical and aesthetically pleasing, you’ll want to consider what kind of finish you want for them. Chances are that your cabinets will be made from either pine or hardwood, such as hickory, oak, cherry, birch, or beech. Wooden kitchen cabinets can be either painted in a color of your choice, or treated with a stain to enhance and alter the natural appearance of the wood.

  • Burnished finishes create a warm look with a very traditional feel. A darker stain is used on the corners to a create depth, as well as a distressed appearance.
  • Highlighted finishes involve a strategic use of shiny glaze to enhance the door, creating visual depth without varying the base color of the stain. This effect can also be used with paint, as well as with wood stains.
  • Paint allows for a nearly endless variety of cabinet colors, from deep, bold jewel tones to midcentury modern pastels.


The opening mechanisms, door styles, finishes, and types of wood can vary for kitchen cabinets, giving you many options to choose from as you customize your newly constructed or remodeled kitchen.

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